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Active Time

Personalized activity tracking based on your heart rate


Active Time: A More Meaningful Way to Measure Activity

We all know that physical activity is important for our health, physical fitness, and overall wellbeing. But what is the right amount, and how should it be measured? Previous fitness trackers relied on steps to track your motion, but this doesn’t take into account to how your own body is actually responding, and doesn’t work well for activities outside of walking or running. The Caeden Sona uses our advanced heart rate sensor to measure your body’s response to activity throughout the day, no matter what form that activity takes.

Active Time: A More Meaningful Way to Measure Activity

Scientific consensus is that the best path to health is a goal of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Our Active Time system determines what that means for you based on your heart rate readings, and helps encourage you to reach that goal.

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Supporting Metrics

Heart Rate

The Caeden Sona measures your heart rate throughout the day, helping you to understand how your body is responding to exercise and your daily routine. We also track your daily resting heart rate, an important metric for heart health.

Energy Burned

Whether you have a weight goal or just trying to boost your metabolism, understanding your daily energy expenditure is an important piece of the puzzle. Sona’s heart rate sensor helps us to calculate your calories burned, continuously and accurately, helping you meet your goals.


Steps are a familiar metric that help encourage more walking throughout the day. Sona tracks your steps and inspires you to keep pushing ahead.


Learn how far your activity takes you — whether it’s through a long morning run or short walking breaks throughout the day, we’ll help you keep track as you go the distance.


Heart Rate Variability:
Next Generation Health Metric

Heart Rate Variability:<br> Next Generation Health Metric

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very complex but extremely useful metric—it requires a measurement over ten times more accurate than standard BPM in order to record the exact variation in timing of each successive heartbeat peak. In general, higher HRV is better, as this means that your systems are more adaptable to changes in your environment. When you are tired, stressed, or overtrained, your body is too busy trying to recover and can’t adapt as gracefully to your environment, resulting in a lower HRV score.

We use instantaneous HRV to measure how your heart is responding during Resonance sessions. We use HRV measured over a day to determine how healthy your overall system is that day, and if you are showing signs of chronic stress. The best ways to increase your HRV measurements are through regular Resonance sessions and Active Time, putting you on a path to improve your overall health for both mind and body.

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The Caeden App

Tracking and Goals for Mind & Body

Sona connects to the Caeden app over Bluetooth® to help you track your daily Resonance and Active Time goals, and keep your health in balance.

Breathing Meditation for Focus and Calm

The Caeden app comes loaded with Resonance sessions — tools to guide you, not just charts. Caeden has co-developed these sessions with leading scientists, and each includes a visual breathing pacer and audio guidance targeted toward your goals.

Active Time: A More Meaningful Way to Measure Activity

Track your Active Time, heart rate, calories burned, steps, and distance with interactive graphs over days, weeks, or months. Compatible with Apple HealthKit— take your data wherever you’d like.

Heart Health: Build your Inner Strength

Monitor your daily resting heart rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to understand your heart health and stress levels.

Calendar View: Track your Progress over Time

Easily view your daily progress and achievements as you progress toward improved health and wellness.

For Use With

Sona Connected Bracelet

Wearable technology to optimize mind and body performance. Connects to the Caeden App to help you achieve your wellness goals. For iPhones with iOS 9 or higher.


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