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About Caeden

Caeden uses technology and design to inspire dynamic and engaged living.

Launched in 2014, Caeden first released the Linea Collection, a series of on-ear and in-ear headphones featuring the Caeden signature sound. In 2015, Caeden launched Sona, a connected bracelet for mind and body health. Co-founded by longtime friends and working partners Nora Levinson and David Watkins, Caeden has built an experienced and talented team that bridges hardware design, software engineering and fashion. Caeden designs products to help modern, driven individuals approach their goals with greater calm and focus.

Our Co-Founders

David Watkins


Nora Levinson


Nora Levinson and David Watkins have worked together for almost a decade in the consumer electronics industry, including time in the Bay Area, China, and New York City. As a Mechanical Engineer with a M.S. from Stanford and proficient in technical Chinese, Nora quickly built her expertise in manufacturing complex connected products. David’s design skills and industry experience were already the cornerstone of a successful career across outdoor goods, apparel, and consumer electronics. Together they built product and developed strategy for Jawbone, Skullcandy, and Incase, before teaming up on their first venture, ADOPTED, a brand of luxury cases and accessories. In 2014, they founded Caeden, building on their proven track record of bridging the worlds of fashion and technology with beautiful, functional design.

Our Advisors

Fred Muench

Fred Muench Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who specializes in building technology based products to foster well-being. He currently serves as the Director of Digital Health Interventions in Psychiatry at Northwell Health. He was the Director of Research and Development at Helicor, the team that built the StressEraser HRV biofeedback device for breath-based stress reduction, and developed the first breath retraining application for the iPhone in 2008. Fred currently teaches a class entitled, Crafting Mindful Experiences, at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU where he works with designers and developers to build applications to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Evgeny and Bronya Vaschillo

Dr. Evgeny Vaschillo, PhD, has been at the forefront of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) research since the 1960s, pioneering the analysis of HRV and developing Resonance breathing techniques for cosmonauts in the Russian space program. He later expanded his research to submarine operators, fighter pilots, olympic athletes, and others in extreme environments. Dr. Bronya Vaschillo, MD, was a leader within the Saint Petersburg Board of Public Health for over twenty years, focusing on occupational diseases and methodology for physicians. She teamed up with Evgeny to add her applied physiological expertise to his research, helping to build Resonance into a clinical treatment program with a variety of mental and physical health benefits.

Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park is an international top model, recently becoming the first Asian American spokeswoman for L’Oreal Paris. She has walked the runways for major fashion houses, included Chanel, Tom Ford, Fendi, Rick Owens and Moschino, and has been featured in several campaigns for Chanel and DKNY. Before embarking on her modeling career, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture. She is bringing both her fashion industry expertise and her design background to bear in her role as a Creative Advisor for Caeden.

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