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Soo Joo Park


######International top model and face of Caeden’s Linea campaign, Soo Joo Park, takes some time to tell us how she got discovered, her love of architecture, and about her life in the city that never sleeps.

On Being Discovered

“I went to college in San Francisco and studied architecture. I had graduated and had a full-time job as a graphic designer. I was vintage shopping one weekend in Haight and Ashbury and someone just came up to me and said, ‘Hey, I’m a model scout, and I’d like to see if you’re interested,’ so I took her card and just kind of tried it.”

On Architecture

“I love architecture, and from studying architecture I learned to appreciate the buildings and how people can interact within a space. I think that can be really interesting when it’s applied to a city like New York, where there are apartments that are so small that you have to be very compact.”

On Instagram @SoojMooj

“When taking photographs, I either try to find the spectacular, or the quotidian, it’s one or the other. I like the quotidian… things you find daily or things you find humorous in your daily life because I like stability. For me, I go from job to job - I never know when I’ll working, when I’ll be resting, if I’ll be home tomorrow, if I’ll be flying somewhere.”

On New York

“I moved to New York about 4 years ago, but because of my job I’m constantly traveling, so New York always feels really new whenever I come back home. I always love coming back to New York because the energy that you get from it - it’s like nowhere else.”

What does your New York soundtrack sound like?

“My NY soundtrack is kind of like New York. It’s very eclectic and diverse.”

Jasmine by Jai Paul Cheree by Suicide Bleak Bake by King Krule Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky 212 by Azealia Banks If It Wasn’t True by Shamir Queen of Chinatown by Amanda Lear Rolling Down the Hills by Glass Candy Steal My Attention by Tokimonsta

Listen to Soo Joo’s NYC Playlist

Instagram photo credit: @soojmooj