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Q & A with Bibi Cornejo Borthwick


We had a chance to chat with Parisian-born photographer, Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, after our shoot in the LES to find out what inspires her. See her exclusive video and interview here.

Name: Bibi Cornejo Borthwick

Hometown: Paris, France

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Instagram: @bibicornejoborthwick


When did you start taking photos?

When I was about 14…

Who or what influences your style of photography?

Everything around me, I like traveling and changing my environment. I feel like my pictures change as I travel…

What inspires you and your work?

I’m inspired by people, the interactions between people, our natural environment, and my family

What do you do when you’re not working? Any secret hobbies or interests?

I’m a homebody. I’m moving to LA so I’m looking forwards to spending a lot more time in nature, going to the beach, and hikes with my dog. :)